Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Could it be possible?

So yesterday's Oprah threw me for a loop.  Her and over 300 members at her staff chose to go vegan for a week.  Not only does that mean that they didn't eat meat, they also didn't have the simple pleasure of a glass of milk, an egg, or my personal favorite....cheese.  I anticipated that the majority of them would throw in the towel before the end of the week, except Oprah of course (her personal chef could probably turn a chunk of tofu and a bushel of bean sprouts into a gourmet meal), but to my surprise most of them didn't.  And even more shockingly there were very large men that had not only stuck it out for the week, but decided to go longer.  Could this be possible?  Could excluding animal products from your diet make you feel so good that you could give up the pure delight of a bacon cheeseburger?

This got me thinking.  I have tried to follow Weight Watcher's and while I did lose some weight, I didn't feel like I was eating a well balanced diet.  Most of the Smart One's meals are pasta and only contain a serving of vegetables or two at the most, and then I would hoard all of my points for desserts and Starbucks.  And while I love to cook, I was doing very little of it for the simple fact that it was easier to open up a can of soup or pop a frozen dinner in the microwave than to try to figure out how many grams of fat were in my homemade veggie soup.

So maybe I could give this a try.  Just for one week.  I could never give up meat totally, but I should have enough will power to last seven days.  We shall see.....