Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taste Test & Setting a Date

In anticipation of my upcoming diet change, I broke down and decided that I should try the "tofutti" ie vegan cream cheese, which was to my surprise not too shabby.  Definitely not the same a cream cheese, or even the same texture, but it was something that I don't think I would mind to eat on a cracker if in the case of an emergency, and I have heard there is such a thing as vegan bagels.  Checking nutrition label it had one less gram of fat and about 10 less calories than my usual 1/3 less fat cream cheese. 

I went on to taste my very expensive German chocolate cake ice cream, which was made with coconut milk and although the texture was different from regular ice cream, it was actually quite yummy.  I had my boyfriend try it and as skeptic has he is about this whole thing, he really seemed to like it.  If you like coconut, this is definitely work a try. 

So now I needed to set a date for my week.  Katie, a friend from work, has bravely decided to attempt the Week of Vegan with me, so the first step was to choose a week that would fit into both of our schedules without too much torture.  Between Valentine's Day, baby showers and work events we decided on the week of February 20th.