Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 3: Eating Out & Flourless Bread

After looking back on yesterday's food intake, I realized I really didn't have too many veggies, which was kind of the point.  Yes there was celery, carrots, corn and tomatoes in the black bean soup, and whatever is in the "veggie shreds," but I would have had more veggie in a regular non-vegan meal.  So today I decided to do better. 

Breakfast:  Steel Cut Oats with Walnuts, Golden Raisins, Dried Cranberries, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar and a Monster Energy Drink
Lunch:  Max & Erma's Apple Pecan Salad (minus the cheese) with Balsamic Dressing and a side of French Fries with Heinz Ketchup
Starbucks: Mocha Latte Made w/soy milk no whip
Dinner:  Canned Progresso Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled "Veggie Slice" Cheese Sandwich on Flourless Bread
Snack: Spinach cooked with nondairy butter and lemon juice (might sound vegan, but this is a usual snack for me, I love spinach)

The real test today was eating at Max & Erma's for a work lunch meeting.  Katie went too and our boss told up beforehand where we were eating, so we were able to do some research.  I was really shocked at how little nutritional information Max & Erma's offers.  I thought that sort of information was required, but apparently I was wrong.  Thankfully there is a site which I was able to find some info from 2008.  So from there I made my choice and there really wasn't much to choose from.  The sad part of this is that I ordered a side of french fries, which I normally would not get, but without much on the salad I wanted to make sure I didn't leave hungry.

I know I have had soup every day for dinner so far, but there is a very logical explanation for that, I love soup!  I could eat it every single day for both lunch and dinner and not get sick of it.  So with today's cold and rainy weather I decided on a vegan version of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

When I initially set out to find vegan food, I did notice that at both Kroger and Drug Emporium, people seemed to be loading up on this bread in the freezer section.  There were several to choose from so I picked a loaf of 7 grain and this is what I used this for my "grilled cheese."  I apparently didn't pay much attention to the package, because apparently I didn't need to keep the bread in the freezer, but it was ok since I was grilling it anyhow.  Pretty good bread, who knew!  (I added "cheese" to the top of the soup simply for plating appeal)