Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 5: Tacos!

Breakfast:  Same Oatmeal Combo and a Monster
Lunch:  Leftover Black Bean Soup with Soft Tortillas and Oreos
Dinner: Tacos and a Salad

Tonight's dinner was much more tasty than expected.  Let's see, I used fake meat, fake cheese and fake sour cream....sounds terrible huh?  Hence my surprise.  I bought a taco kit, which I couldn't tell you the last time I bought one of these.  I usually like to do my own thing, but this was PETA approved so it made it easy.

It was a super easy meal to make.  I was a little unsure about cooking the "meat," and didnt' realized that I needed to put olive oil in the pan first, but once I got that figured out it was smooth sailing.  I preferred the crunchy shell over the soft, but both of them were pretty good and I would highly recommend for someone just trying to switch over.  And combined with everything else, the vegan cheese and sour cream tasted like normal cheese and sour cream.  I would usually make black beans and Mexican rice with tacos, but since I had black bean soup for lunch, I switched that for a salad.

I must say that I am extremely surprised at how easy this vegan eating style been adapted into my everyday life.  Although I did a lot of pre-planning, I already had a lot of items in my kitchen that I could eat this week.  Katie, my partner in crime, has admitted this she is over it and is the dreaded "hungry," which is honestly where I thought I would be at this point.  I am by no means saying that I plan to carry this on long term, but I think I could incorporate a few of the new things I have tried into my regular diet.